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Use this tool to create a download of Science Museum data & media - a simple csv version of the metadata plus copies of all the media in a convenient zip file.

  1. Choose an arbitrary but memorable username for your downloads (e.g. your Twitter name)
  2. Describe your download so others can use it too
  3. Paste in the full url copied from a search on the public site. Known issue: does not currently work when search or category text has commas
  4. Choose the maximum number of records to be retrieved
  5. Request the download & wait!
  6. Questions/problems? Contact @jamesinealing | [email protected]

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Existing Downloads

Username Dataset Search url Records Download
jamesinealingMade by A V Roe (AVRO)View records8download zip
jamesinealingSearch: ApolloView records53download zip
jamesinealingPortraits (Object type:portrait)View records311download zip
jamesinealingOriental MedicineView records441download zip
jamesinealingLocation: KewView records1download zip
jamesinealingEverything on display in Science Museum that has an imageView records1167download zip
stackerThe MoonView records34download zip
stackerArtView records3375download zip
JohnKittensView records7download zip
Stacker144 tilesView records144download zip
stackerSurgeryView records12134download zip
stackerposterView records902download zip
John (Hi James!)BalloonsView records324download zip
JohnPhotographsView records1960download zip
JohnEthnography and folk medicineView records2281download zip
JohnTelephone handsetsView records70download zip
JohnMobile telephonesView records127download zip
JohnTelephonesView records129download zip
JohnTelephone handsetsView records105download zip
JohnOpticsView records1266download zip
JohnClassical and Medieval MedicineView records5183download zip
JohnLantern SlidesView records118download zip
JohnToysView records177download zip
JohnPlasticView records737download zip
John1960sView records1014download zip
John1970sView records768download zip
John1980sView records1541download zip
jensimageView recordsdownload zip
Annie_b89Cameras and photographyView records6936download zip
AnnieAncient EgyptView records124download zip
AnnieEgypt 2View records81download zip
jeezzetainsView records242download zip
jeezzeLocomotivesView records289download zip
jamesbourghView recordsdownload zip
jamesbourghView records7936download zip
jamesbourgh, germanyView records7936download zip
JohnTypeView records20408download zip
jamesinealingSpaceView records379205download zip
jamesinealingSpaceView records1277download zip
jamesinealingSpaceView records1277download zip
JamesshawMeteorologyView records23download zip
garyphiloRacismView records17download zip
garyphiloHuman Rights / TortureView records534download zip
garyphiloHuman Animal Rights ImagesView records283download zip
jamesinealingSpace travelView recordsdownload zip
jamesinealingSpace travelView recordsdownload zip
jamesinealingspace travelView records124download zip
jajassView recordsdownload zip
JohnTextilesView records1106download zip
JSMonotypeView records5859download zip
JSMonotype2View records5859download zip
JSMonotype3View records5930download zip
JohnKittyView records6download zip
JSDHAView recordsdownload zip
sevdamohView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
mohsevdaView records443544download zip
kmcneilwoodView records5526download zip