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Stations 1 Oct 2011 to 2 Feb 2013 (491 days)

Note that some locations (e.g. Waterloo) have more than one cycle station

Total stations: 571

Total Docks: 14,509
Average Docks: 25.4
Biggest: Edgware Road Station, Paddington (64 docks)
Smallest: Royal Mews, Victoria ( docks)

Start stationMilesPer ridePer day
Belgrove Street , King's Cross218,3921.83444.8
Waterloo Station 3, Waterloo176,1791.75358.8
Hop Exchange, The Borough127,2651.51259.2
Wormwood Street: Liverpool Street121,5451.69247.5
Finsbury Circus: Liverpool Street102,4331.60208.6
Tooley Street, Bermondsey101,6911.83207.1
Queen Street, Bank100,9421.43205.6
Brushfield Street: Liverpool Street97,8451.52199.3
Crosswall, Tower97,5641.84198.7
Stonecutter Street, Holborn96,4201.59196.4
The furthest west and east stations have the longest average route distance, but the average ride is much shorter as more people ride the shorter routes.
Start stationAve. RouteAve. Ride
Jubilee Plaza: Canary Wharf4.62 miles1.86 miles
Saunders Ness Road: Cubitt Town4.59 miles1.94 miles
Upper Bank Street: Canary Wharf4.20 miles1.89 miles
Westfield Ariel Way: White City4.18 miles2.16 miles
East India DLR, Blackwall4.16 miles1.52 miles
Westfield Library Corner: Shepherd'4.11 miles2.27 miles
Fishermans Walk West, Canary Wharf4.07 miles2.09 miles
Napier Avenue: Millwall3.94 miles1.74 miles
Bow Church Station: Bow3.92 miles1.89 miles
Spindrift Avenue: Millwall3.92 miles1.57 miles
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All stations

Size of placemarks corresponds to total number of journeys from that location